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Rancho Bernardo Hall of Fame Archives

This section contains a collection of photographs and news stories, capturing some history of Rancho Bernardo through its RB Hall of Fame members. These archives are organized by year. Click on any year from the first column in the list below to view the archived material.

Or, scroll down to the bottom of the page for an Alphabetical Members Name Index.

Clara Kjose, Elmer Parsons, Merle Francis, P.J. Skill, Ray Webb, Roy Rosenberg, Royal Kemp, and Will Clements.


Rhoda Fowler Knight, Jerry Dosek, and Marjorie Johnson

John Brandt, David Littauer, Doug McCoy, Ron Nish, and Howard Westcott


Hal Fletcher, Lou Rich, Dave Willets, and Ruth Wilson


Marion Broer, Marie Gaskill Amberson, Marge Gibson, Alex Sirpis, Dorothy Willets, and Mike Wilson


Bob Bruemmer, Karl Ewerhardt, Dave Kreitzer, Bob Kyle, Earl Mahaney, Rudy Paulson, and Sharon Purviance


Bill Collins and Ed Letscher


Ora Peckham and Duke Peasley


Joe Morreale


Bert H. Ball


Dolores Doty, Helen Letscher, and Michael Stelman


Sheila Mahon, Eileen Haag, and Jim Doty


Joyce Glaser, Don LaRocque, and Alex Summers


J. W. "Woody" Beard, Charles Jacobs, and Lee Turner



Ed Brown and James Hague


Stuart L. Glassman



Jim Abbott and Lew Gary


James T. Carter and Bob Wells


Tom Bilhorn, Bob Fletcher, and Al Totino


J. Philip Bohart, Karen B. Johanson, and Robert H. Smith


Ramona S. Kiltz, Remy L. Hudson, and Bruce Cornblum
Youth Hall of Fame - Lisa de la Montaigne, Jason Lee Ellis, and Nika Omid


Jack Mitchell
Youth Hall of Fame - Sameera Dharia, Alison Speights, and Stephanie Whisenant


Nick Anastasopoulos, Jacqueline Nelson, and Lee Okeson
Youth Hall of Fame - Jonathan Rathsam, Michael Savitsky, and Marcella Storniolo


James E. Reading and Ronald E. Wilson
Youth Hall of Fame - Erin Drake, Benny Li, and Leigh Rowan


Ted Gaasch and Myrna Reese
Youth Hall of Fame - David Larson, Sanjum Paul Singh Samagh, and Mike Zepeda


Barbara Crouch, Robert B. Smith, and Victoria Touchstone
Youth Hall of Fame - Scott Davies, Ashley Safronoff, and Sonia Samagh


Richard Belzer, Larry McIntyre, and Joyce Tavrow
Youth Hall of Fame - Ryan Panchadsaram, Scott Steahl, and Kimberly Weber


Abe Baum, George Cooke, and Jane Radatz


Marie Graver, Jim Harmon, and Robin Kaufman


Phyllis Comer, Tom Richards, and Dick Walker


Steve Riddle and James Roth


Don Gragg, Jerry Hetherington, and Jeff Shea


Craig Brown and Jim Denton


Gary Carlson and Marty Judge


Harry Summers - Special 100th Inductee


Karen Rott


Valerie Brown, Steven DeMatteo, and Thomas Lettington


Pat Bean, Marla Cruz, and Richard Mason


Shirley Black and Nancy Canfield


Dave Brooks, Scott Lawn and Jay Riordan


Michael Vaughn, Linda Gannon and Thomas Cook


Michael Farrell, Eldon Jennings and Karen Stelman


Don Glover, Debbie Kurth and Don Schmidt


Bill Chaffin


Mike Fuqua and Jim Hyldahl


Trudy Armstrong and Charlie Crew



Alphabetical Index of Members by Name

Abbott, Jim (1992)
Amberson, Marie Gaskill (1978)
Anastasopoulos, Nick (1998)
Armstrong, Trudy (2023)

Ball, Bert H. (1983)
Baum, Abe (2003)
Bean, Pat (2013)
Beard, J. W. "Woody" (1987)
Belzer, Richard (2002)
Bilhorn, Tom (1994)
Black, Shirley (2014)
Bohart, J. Philip (1995)
Brandt, John (1976)
Broer, Marion (1978)
Brooks, Dave (2016)
Brown, Craig (2008)
Brown, Ed (1989)
Brown, Valerie (2012)
Bruemmer, Bob (1979)

Canfield, Nancy (2014)
Carlson, Gary (2009)
Carter, James T. (1993)
Chaffin, Bill (2020)
Clements, Will (1974)
Collins, Bill (1980)
Comer, Phyllis (2005)
Cooke, George (2003)
Cook, Thomas (2017)
Cornblum, Bruce (1996)
Crew, Charlie (2023)
Crouch, Barbara (2001)
Cruz, Marla (2013)

Davies, Scott (2001)
DeMatteo, Steven (2012)
Denton, Jim (2008)
Dharia, Sameera (1997)
Dosek, Jerry (1975)
Doty, Dolores (1984)
Doty, Jim (1985)
Drake, Erin (1999)

Ellis, Jason Lee (1996)
Ewerhardt, Karl (1979)

Farrell, Michael (2018)
Fletcher, Bob (1994)
Fletcher, Hal (1977)
Francis, Merle (1974)
Fuqua, Mike (2022)

Gaasch, Ted (2000)
Gannom, Linda (2017)
Gary, Lew (1992)
Gibson, Marge (1978)
Glaser, Joyce (1986)
Glassman, Stuart L. (1990)
Glover, Don (2019)
Gragg, Don (2007)
Graver, Marie (2004)

Haag, Eileen (1985)
Hague, James (1989)
Harmon, Jim (2004)
Hetherington, Jerry (2007)
Hudson, Remy L. (1996)
Hyldahl, Jim (2022)

Jacobs, Charles (1987)
Jennings, Eldon (2018)
Johanson, Karen B. (1995)
Johnson, Marjorie (1975)
Judge, Marty (2009)

Kaufman, Robin (2004)
Kemp, Royal (1974)
Kiltz, Ramona S. (1996)
Kjose, Clara (1974)
Knight, Rhoda Fowler (1975)
Kreitzer, Dave (1979)
Kurth, Debbie (2019)
Kyle, Bob (1979)

LaRocque, Don (1986)
Larson, David (2000)
Lawn, Scott (2016)
Letscher, Ed (1980)
Letscher, Helen (1984)
Lettington, Thomas (2012)
Li, Benny (1999)
Littauer, David (1976)

Mahaney, Earl (1979)
Mahon, Sheila (1985)
Mason, Richard (2013)
McCoy, Doug (1976)
McIntyre, Larry (2002)
Mitchell, Jack (1997)
Montaigne, Lisa de la Montaigne (1996)
Morreale, Joe (1982)

Nelson, Jacqueline (1998)
Nish, Ron (1976)

Okeson, Lee (1998)
Omid, Nika (1996)

Panchadsaram, Ryan (2002)
Parsons, Elmer (1974)
Paulson, Rudy (1979)
Peasley, Duke (1981)
Peckham, Ora (1981)
Purviance, Sharon (1979)

Radatz, Jane (2003)
Rathsam, Jonathan (1998)
Reading, James E. (1999)
Reese, Myrna (2000)
Rich, Lou (1977)
Richards, Tom (2005)
Riddle, Steve (2006)
Riordan, Jay (2016)
Rosenberg, Roy (1974)
Roth, James (2006)
Rott, Karen (2011)
Rowan, Leigh (1999)

Safronoff, Ashley (2001)
Samagh, Sanjum Paul Singh (2000)
Samagh, Sonia (2001)
Savitsky, Michael (1998)
Schmidt, Don (2019)
Shea, Jeff (2007)
Sirpis, Alex (1978)
Skill, P. J. (1974)
Smith, Robert B. (2001)
Smith, Robert H. (1995)
Speights, Alison (1997)
Steahl, Scott (2002)
Stelman, Karen (2018)
Stelman, Michael (1984)
Storniolo, Marcella (1998)
Summers, Alex (1986)
Summers, Harry (2010)

Tavrow, Joyce (2002)
Totino, Al (1994)
Touchstone, Victoria (2001)
Turner, Lee (1987)

Vaughn, Michael (2017)

Walker, Dick (2005)
Webb, Ray (1974)
Weber, Kimberly (2002)
Wells, Bob (1993)
Westcott, Howard (1976)
Whisenant, Stephanie (1997)
Willets, Dave (1977)
Willets, Dorothy (1978)
Wilson, Mike (1978)
Wilson, Ronald E. (1999)
Wilson, Ruth (1977)

Zepeda, Mike (2000)