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RB Hall of Fame Archives - 1974

This page contains photographs and news stories for members
in the year they were inducted into the RB Hall of Fame.

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Will Clements, Merle Francis, Royal Kemp, Clara Kjose,
Elmer Parsons, Roy Rosenberg, P. J. Skill, and Ray Webb










Clara Kjose



Elmer Parsons



Merle Francis




P.J. Skill






P J Skill Memorial Comments

P J Skill will be remembered as one of the primary persons who made Rancho Bernardo a great community.
P J and his wife Dorothy moved to RB in 1963. Because of their background in construction, they saw deficiencies in the homes in RB and worked with homeowners and developers to correct these problems.
P J was one of the founders of the Bernardo Home Owners Corporation. These monthly meetings of Rancho Bernardo developers and residents evolved into the Rancho Bernardo Town Council.
P J became a common interface between Rancho Bernardo and the San Diego City Council. P J was a founding member of many of today’s Rancho Bernardo’s “Quality of Life” activities, such as early medical ambulances, Cable TV, etc.
P J was elected to the Rancho Bernardo Hall of Fame in the initial year of 1974.
P J’s wife Dorothy passed away and PJ then married Momina Limbrock, who is also heavily involved in Rancho Bernardo, volunteering many hours in community activities
P J has continues his efforts to make Rancho Bernardo a great “Quality of Life” community during his forty plus years of living in Rancho Bernardo.
P J’s contribution to Rancho Bernardo is appreciated and he will be missed.


Ray Webb



Roy Rosenberg



Royal Kemp


Will Clements